Ditch the pencil

Golfing every weekend with your friends? Golf outing with your co-workers? tour•bot™ lets your create, schedule, score and report on casual or ad hoc golf tournaments, all on your Apple mobile device. No pencils needed! You can even use it to keep track of all of your personal golf scores, analyze your performance or compute a recreational handicap for fun... and all without internet access!

tour•bot™ was designed to avoid distracting you from your game. It pioneers advanced data entry techniques-not available on any other app-to quickly get the scores recorded and your head back in the game. With "multi-view"™ all of the right information is displayed at the same time without numerous touches to get there!

tour•bot™ is not a Range Finder or GPS-based course layout system, so there is no danger of running out the battery before the round is complete. And if you need help, a complete help system is built right in!

Whether you have 4 or 40 players, playing 1 or 100 events, tour•bot™ is your•bot™ to get the fun done!