Scoring Features

Score your tournaments by the total gross and net strokes for the round, while also tracking up to three other game scores (Bingo Bango Bongo, etc) for each player.

Score your tournament with the goal of capturing detailed performance statistics by player, such as: Putts, Penalty, GIR, Sand Save, Fairways Hit from Tee, Strokes from 100 Yards and in. Two levels of detail are available: Adjusted Gross Strokes (ESC applied by player), Putts, Penalty, GIR and the full detail which adds: Sand Save, Fairways Hit from Tee, Strokes from 100 Yards and in. So you decide how much detail you wish to capture and amount of time you want to put into scoring.

Start scoring on any hole and the App will adjust it's behavior automatically. You may skip scoring a hole for a Player by merely waiting until the next hole to score and advancing the Rotary tool for hole selection to the next hole, scoring that hole and touching Save. This will surpress all Net Strokes and Stableford scoring calculations for the skipped hole (v 1.0.6).

Receive front and back scores upon completion of each nine holes.

Uses player supplied handicap to compute net strokes and will compute a recreational handicap after five rounds of golf are entered. The recreational handicap computation follows the USGA method to ensure the best scores of the most recent rounds is used to avoid sandbagging.

Uses either the player supplied handicap or the computed recreational handicap to compute the Course handicap. The auto-update Handicap feature may be deactivated on a Player by Player basis with the Freeze HCP option on the Player Setup screen (v 1.0.6).

Stableford scoring option for Player Detail, Tour and Event Leaderboard Results (v1.0.4).

Match Play scoring results for Tour Events for any number of players (v1.1.1).

When the user supplies the PAR and Hole Ranking for each hole, the App will apply handicap strokes per USGA™ rules to compute net strokes by hole. You may also freeze an entered handicap on a Player by Player basis.

Now with Bump™ Technology (starting version 1.2.0), tour•bot can score a large tournament in the shortest possible time. When each foursome is equiped with iDevices from Apple, scoring the largest tournament is reduced to simply fist-bumping each foursome with Bump™ technology!